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Thank you for being here. I have a lot more to add here, single Mom with a full time job. This website and my bank account (oddly) was the only 2 online sites that remained after my identity was stolen last year (2016-2017) Lost everything else virtually. It's been a long haul but I'm back! I would like to think God protected this site so i could continue my work here. Do we call something we enjoy work? This is my passion. 


I seek truth, nothing but, no matter the sting...because I don't like to be blindsided that i've been living like an ignorant fool. Which is easy to do with the media completely controlled. Hard to believe? History reveals after WW11 how the Mob would pay kids to ransack the newspaper stands if they didn't comply with what was allowed to be published. Here it is almost 80 years later, so I wonder why people have a difficult time with believing our news today is controlled?



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