The world’s top 10 bitcoin investors

  • August 17, 2021

A new list of the world’s highest-earning bitcoin investors has been published, and it’s pretty impressive.

The list, published on Wednesday, includes 11 bitcoin investors with net worths of $2 billion or more, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

The top 10 include five billionaires: Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban and Carlos Slim.

Other notable investors include Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Warren Buffett’s wife, Beth.

“I am so happy to have Mark Cuban join the top 10,” said Cuban in a statement on Wednesday.

“His record of being a great investor, and the record of his philanthropy, are very strong.”

Here’s the top five: Mark Cubano (b.

1960) Mark Cuban (b.-1996) Warren Buffett (b-1961) Warren Buffets (b-) Warren Buffett’s wife (b.)

Elon Musk (b-.

2017) Mark Zuckerberg (b)- Warren Buffett has donated $2.8 billion to the Facebook-backed project.

He also owns shares in two other private companies: Pershing Square Capital Management and the Palo Alto-based startup Pershing.

The next richest billionaire is Chinese billionaire Li Ka-shing.

Li owns stakes in a number of Chinese tech companies, including the internet portal WeChat, which he bought for $1.7 billion in 2015.

The fourth richest in the world is Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, whose net worth is estimated at $1 billion.

Prokhorsky’s wife is a member of the board of directors at an oil company controlled by billionaire Russian oil tycoon Oleg Deripaska.

The fifth richest is Russian businessman and entrepreneur Yuri Milner, who has a net worth of $5.4 billion.

Milner’s father, Boris, is a shareholder in oil and gas company Yukos.

Milninger is also a director of Russian energy giant Rosneft.

The sixth richest in Russia is Russian tycoon and investor Mikhail Prokudin, who owns stakes of 2% in two Chinese oil companies, the Shanghai Oil Group and the Shanghai Nanshan Oil Group.

The 7th richest in China is the billionaire owner of Shanghai-based tech company Tencent Holdings, who also owns stakes at 1% in Tencent, Alibaba and Tencent Communications.

The 8th richest person in China, according the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, is Chinese businessman and venture capitalist Li Keqiang, who’s worth $4.7 trillion.

Li’s brother, Li Guochao, is worth $2 trillion, according data compiled for Bloomberg by the Financial Times.

The 9th richest is American billionaire investor Peter Thiel, whose estimated net worth, according Bloomberg, is $3.5 billion.

The 10th richest on the list is Russian entrepreneur Alexey Tereshchenko, who controls stakes in two oil and natural gas companies: Gazprom and Lukoil.

The 11th richest woman in the country is Chinese millionaire Wang Qishan, who is worth more than $4 billion, according a Forbes estimate. 

A spokesman for Cuban declined to comment on the Bloomberg list.

But Cuban has long been a staunch supporter of bitcoin and has long advocated for its adoption.

Cuban said on Twitter in November that he would buy bitcoin, the digital currency, if the US legal system failed to take bitcoin seriously.

Cuban, who co-founded the hedge fund Apollo Global Management, and his daughter, Samantha, founded the hedge funds Blackstone Group and Blackstone Asset Management.

They are among the largest bitcoin investors in the US.