How to Avoid Losing Control of Your Facebook Timeline

  • July 16, 2021

Losing control of your Facebook Timeline can be incredibly frustrating and confusing.

Facebook, after all, is your most intimate and private part of your life, and while it may seem like it’s the most logical place to put all your posts and photos, that’s not always the case.

Facebook is a platform that you use to connect with friends and family and to communicate with people who you care about.

But Facebook also has a habit of deleting posts and posting images that you don’t want people to see.

Here are five ways to get rid of the posts and images that aren’t helpful to you.


Make Your Posts Public Facebook is built to make sharing your content as easy as possible.

So you need to ensure that your posts get shared and viewed.

If you use the default settings, you can easily change the way that your friends see your posts by changing the settings to hide the post or photo from your friends list.


Disable Facebook Stories You can also disable Facebook Stories if you don.t want to be inundated with messages from strangers.

If your posts are not shared, you may not get a reply to any of them.


Disable the “Like” Button If you don?t want your posts to get shared, then you can disable the “like” button that’s often used by users who want to see their posts seen more often.

But if you do want to have your posts seen by a lot of people, then this button is the perfect way to do so. 4.

Hide Posts You can use the “hide” button to hide posts from your timeline.

However, some people may want to share your posts in a way that isn’t public.

If that’s the case, you could hide a post in your Timeline using the “preview” or “edit” buttons, as well as the “show” button.


Hide the Photo If you want to avoid seeing the photo in your timeline, then there are other ways to do it.

You can hide the photo using the image settings.

However it can also be a better idea to use a third-party app to hide photos from your Timeline.


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