A day of reckoning: What the Irish and the Irish people can do to protect themselves

  • July 4, 2021

A day has passed since a devastating incident in which two men in the Dublin area were shot dead by the Irish police.

It was the second such incident in the past week.

But the public mood in Ireland is a different story.

A number of local politicians and social commentators have criticised the Irish Police Service for the way it handled the incident.

In a blog post titled “The tragedy of the Irish cop”, John O’Sullivan, the Mayor of Dublin, criticised the force for its response and said the incident highlighted the need for change.

“The public need to understand that we can and must change our system,” he wrote.

His comments were echoed by a number of politicians and commentators who criticised the way the Irish government handled the case, calling for a change to the way police are treated in the country.

A petition was launched last week, calling on the Irish Government to review the policing of the country and the way that the Irish are treated by the police.

The police force was suspended in May after two men were shot to death on the street near the Irish consulate in Dublin.

An investigation into the deaths found no links to a criminal or terrorist organisation.


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