The Bespoke Post: ‘I Can See What Your Eyes Are Made Of’

  • October 27, 2021

Bespoked Post — Bespoken Post, the post-dance company behind The Bachelorette, The Voice and a host of other shows — is going to launch a social media platform.

The company, which describes itself as “a platform for creatives, entrepreneurs, and fans to connect, network, and share stories,” is bringing its platform to a few major media organizations this week., which was previously owned by BuzzFeed, and other media companies, will have a new homepage, which is expected to launch this weekend.

The site will feature a brand new photo gallery, a video feature, and a post-screening video chat.

The post-story chat will allow viewers to share their thoughts and experiences in the aftermath of the post.

Bispokespost also plans to start its own Instagram account and launch its own newsletter.

The BSP blog will be redesigned to reflect its new site, and will include content from the site’s other media outlets, including The Business Insider, GQ, Esquire, and Entertainment Weekly.

BSP CEO David L. Czerny says he’s “extremely proud” of BSP’s post-Dancing on the Wall post-mortem.

“This is a truly unprecedented experience and a tremendous validation of our vision and passion for the social and media world,” he said.

“As an entrepreneur, I am very proud of the platform we created.

Our users will have the most fun and information-rich platform they have ever had, which will enable BSP to build a stronger community and grow.”

The company will also offer “a unique experience,” L.C.C., which is part of

The blog will feature posts from BSP employees and the brands that sponsor them.

L.L.C.’s posts are designed to highlight the work and talent that BSP has built over the years.

“With our mission and vision in mind, our team has built an amazing platform that will give our fans the opportunity to connect with us and engage with our employees, partners, and brands,” L-C.

L said.

He also teased a number of upcoming posts that he hopes will provide a peek into the world of Bispokepost.

“It is very exciting to be sharing this experience with all of our fans,” L -C. L added.


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