Farrah Fawcet: ‘I’m really blessed’ after pregnancy, birth of son

  • October 27, 2021

The actress, whose mother was a teacher, has been pregnant for the past four months.

Her husband, Ben Stiller, told Entertainment Tonight on Monday that she has been working and focusing on her new baby.

“I’ve been doing this for the last four months, but I’m not here anymore,” she said.

“My husband, the producer, he’s been helping me out a lot.

I’m so blessed to be pregnant, and I can’t thank him enough for making it all possible.”

Fawcy has previously said she’s not interested in continuing to work on TV, but she has said she wants to work for years and is open to a variety of projects.

Her next project, a new Netflix series about a young, Black woman living in New York City, is scheduled to premiere in May.

The new series is titled The Black-Aged Woman.

Fawcecet previously said that she is still in the process of making her TV debut, but did not provide details about that.

She has appeared in the TV show, which stars Black actress and actor Lacey Stanton, who was recently crowned Miss America.

She is also set to appear on ABC’s American Idol, as well as on NBC’s Modern Family, The Good Place and The Voice.

Fauci said she plans to do more music in the future.

“There’s a lot of music, a lot more to come, so I’m looking forward to that,” she told ET.

“The more music I can make, the better, so there’s more to be done.”

Faucy was born in Los Angeles on April 3, 1991.

She previously said the birth of her son was a blessing for her, but that it was hard to talk about.

“You’re trying to do something big and big and bigger and so big, and you have to make some compromises and do some sacrifices and say, ‘No, I really want to be a mother,'” she told EW.

“That’s why I always wanted to be more of a mom than a musician.

I wanted to have a family, too, and be a mom.”


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