When did Trump get angry? Trump says he’s ‘not upset’ with New York Post

  • October 19, 2021

NEW YORK — When did Donald Trump get so angry?

“I’m not upset with the New York Times,” he told reporters Monday.

Trump said Monday that the Post has made “a lot of very false, inaccurate” claims about him, and that he will continue to do so.

“I’ve never been to the Times in my life,” Trump said.

“So it’s very unfair, really.”

Trump, whose administration is under investigation by the Justice Department for its ties to Russia, said that he has never been a member of the newspaper.

“They don’t even have a front page,” he said.

The Times has denied any wrongdoing.

“The Times has been a champion of freedom of the press for a long time, a champion for truth, a fighter for the press and for the public,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said Monday.

“We expect our journalists to do the same, and they will do the exact same.

We have no doubt they will continue their work with the same rigor and integrity.”

Carney said the newspaper’s editorial board has “an important role to play” in informing the public about the president.

“While we disagree with the views expressed by some in the paper, it is important that the public have a clear understanding of what the White House is up to and how its policies impact their lives and their livelihoods,” Carney said.

Trump has previously questioned the Times’ integrity, saying that the paper has been “dishonest” and “lies” about his administration.

Trump also has accused the newspaper of being part of a Russian plot to influence the election, despite the fact that he did not directly call the newspaper to ask for the story.

“Why wouldn’t they do that?”

Trump said of the Times.

“It would be very easy for them to do it.

And I would be the most popular president in history if they did it.

That would be a lot of work.”

Trump has repeatedly criticized the newspaper for its coverage of his administration, saying the newspaper has become a “fake news” paper that has “been lying for a very long time.”

Trump also accused the paper of being “the most dishonest paper in the history of journalism.”


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