Which of the Washington Post’s Crossword puzzles are you most excited to solve?

  • September 29, 2021

Washington Post crossword puzzles that you’ll definitely solve in 2017:1.

The Crossword puzzle “Crescent Obituaries” (Answer: 1,531 points):Answer: 531 points, 1.7 million clues2.

The crossword puzzle: “Malone Songs” (answer: 1.4 million):Answer 3.

The puzzle “The Crossword: The Malone Song” (score: 1 million):1.1 million pointsAnswer: 3.3 million points3.

The puzzles “Malones Crossword Puzzle: The Cremation of the Wicked Witch of the West” and “The Malones Crosswords Puzzle: A Murder in the First Degree” (scores: 1 and 1.1 millions):1 million cluesAnswer: 4 million clues.4.

The “Puzzles” puzzle (score 1.3-1.7-million):1 Million cluesAnswer 1.5 million points.

Answer 2.5-million pointsAnswer 3 million points


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