How does it feel to be the fourth man to win a $1 million lottery?

  • September 20, 2021

Posted October 05, 2019 08:00:07For the fourth time in a year, a man has won a $600 million lottery ticket in Florida.

It was reported on Thursday morning that former Florida Panthers forward Jason Richardson was the fifth person to win the $1.5 million lottery jackpot in the state of Florida.

The man who was crowned the winner was former New Jersey Devils player Nicklas Backstrom.

The winner, who has not been identified, was announced by the Florida Lottery on Thursday night, but there is no official announcement yet.

“The luck of the draw is great,” said Florida Lotteries spokesman Michael DeGroote.

“It was a really, really good luck to have that guy on the show, and we really hope it will continue.”

The winning ticket was awarded to Mr Richardson by Florida Lotters President and CEO David Wozniak.

The fourth person to be crowned the Lottery winner is former Calgary Flames player Patrice Bergeron.

He won the jackpot last year for $1,600 million.

“I’m very excited to announce that I have won $600,000 in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft,” Mr Bergeron said on Twitter.

“Congratulations to @Pitman_D_Richardson on winning a $6 million Lottery ticket.”

Mr Richardson was a big-time player in his native Canada for nearly a decade before retiring.

He played three seasons in the NHL for the Calgary Flames and spent four seasons in Chicago.

Mr Richardson also played for the New Jersey Nets in the 2007-08 season.

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