Solar power poster in NY, not an NBA player

  • September 10, 2021

The solar post light in the New York Knicks arena is a solar power poster that was donated by a friend of a player.

The post was erected by the New Jersey Devils fan in the arena after a game on Sept. 19.

The Devils defeated the New Orleans Pelicans, 3-1.

The Devils fan said the post was a tribute to New York.

“It was an awesome thing to do,” said Mike Stroud, who lives in New Jersey and was driving down Interstate 95 from his home in Connecticut.

“It’s cool to have a solar panel on the roof.

It’s a great thing to give back to the community.”

Stroud said the New England Devils have donated $3,500 to a charity of his choice.

Stroud and his wife, Lisa, were able to donate the solar power panel after a friend drove them up to the New Brunswick County Courthouse in New Brunswick to sign the petition.

The couple donated the panels, which cost about $1,000 apiece, after seeing them installed at a charity event.

This was the third solar power post light donated by Stroud and Lisa Stroud.

The first was in New York City on Sept, 12.

The second was in Los Angeles on Sept., 26.

The Strouds also donated a solar water heat lamp to a community garden in New Hampshire.

A solar power photo of the New Hampshire Devils fan, who was driving by to sign it, was shared on Twitter by the fans team.

The Strowsles were driving back to New Brunswick, New Jersey, on Tuesday when they saw the solar post in the parking lot of the courthouse.

Lisa Stroud said she saw the post, which featured a picture of a solar energy panel and the caption: “We are in New England to support the Garden State.”

Lisa said the fan had donated his $3.50 worth of solar panels.

“It’s awesome that he did it,” Lisa Strewland said.

“This guy is an amazing person and he was a great fan.”


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