NY Post: Trump administration moves to take back posts from news outlets with anti-Trump bias

  • September 8, 2021

The New York Post, which has long been at odds with President Donald Trump, has announced it is moving to remove posts from a variety of publications that have published critical stories about the administration.

The Post, the largest daily newspaper in the United States, said on Thursday it was removing posts from the Post’s website and Twitter account from Breitbart News, Gateway Pundit, The Hill, The Washington Post, and The Daily Beast.

The posts included the names of several news organizations, including The Washington Examiner, Breitbart News Network, The Daily Caller, The Intercept, Mother Jones, The Atlantic, and Slate.

The move comes a day after the Post, under Trump, announced it was pulling the titles from its website and the account of its executive editor, Gerard Baker.

The announcement came hours after Trump tweeted that he would “bring the Fake News media to heel” after publishing inaccurate stories about his administration.

“It is clear the Fake Media is losing control of the story and will be dealt with very harshly,” Baker wrote.

“I will bring the Fake news media to heels and take back their failing news websites and platforms.”

Trump has long accused the Post of favoring liberal news outlets and has repeatedly sought to oust them from newsrooms.

Last year, The New Yorker magazine published a lengthy exposé of Baker’s personal life, including a personal essay in which he said the Post would be “taken over” by “a liberal mob.”

“I hope it will happen,” Baker said in the essay.

“Because I want to do a story on this story, and the Post is not doing a story.”


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