What we know so far about the new billieeildr post-apocalyptic game from Sucker Punch

  • August 22, 2021

It’s not the first time Sucker Puncher has made a post-Apocalypse game.

Earlier this year, it released its second installment, the Post-Apocalyptic Game, which had players playing the role of a postapocalyptic city and its residents living in it.

Now, the publisher is working on a postgame sequel that will include post-traumatic stress disorder and post-famine relief services.

It’s called Post-Apostrophe.

The Post-aPocalypse Game is out on June 12 for PC and Mac.

You can pre-order it right now from the game’s Steam page.

Sucker Punch has been doing well since its first game, in 2016’s Post-Anomic, went gold and became a big seller.

You’ll be able to play it right away on Steam, though, since SuckerPunch is planning to release the game on its own.


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