How to read your Twitter posts: Malone 2020

  • August 3, 2021

India Post has released a handy guide to read posts from your social media accounts in India.

Malone, the countrys second most popular news and information portal, published a guide to the various hashtags that appear in posts on its social media platforms, including the hashtag #Malone2020, which it has dubbed the ‘first tweet of 2020’.

India Post said the hashtag was used by the news channel to share its latest news stories.

#Malon2020, it said, is a brand-new hashtag that has been created for this year’s #Maloni2020.

Maloni 2020, which means ‘peace of the country’ in Malayalam, is India’s biggest peace rally of the year, which took place on May 24 in New Delhi, marking the 100th anniversary of the Indo-British War of Independence.


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