Why we don’t need a post haste law in Australia

  • July 24, 2021

Posted March 07, 2018 15:19:10 Australians who use social media for work or school post haste may be asked to hand over their digital devices and data after the Federal Government’s new laws to limit access to social media sites were passed.

The legislation requires users to hand in their devices within 14 days after being asked to do so.

But the legislation does not specifically set out when users must hand over data.

It is unclear when this requirement will be met.

“If there are any concerns, they should contact the Telecommunications Commission,” a spokeswoman for Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said.

Senator Conroy says the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will ensure that people can access their devices and social media accounts once the law is in place.

He said the legislation will also be implemented quickly to address concerns raised by businesses.

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